Businesses Offer Discounts After Event Venue Chain Announces Closures

This situation with Noah's Event Venue is truly a bride and groom's worst nightmare.

We focus so much on the dress, the food vendors and other relatively smaller purchases, but who really thinks their wedding venue is going to shut down on them?

That's exactly what happened to dozens of couples.

The people we spoke to paid thousands of dollars up front, found out their venue was closing and were only offered partial refunds.

Since our first story aired, several reception halls and caterers have reached out to me wanting to help these couples.

They've offered 50 percent off on spaces, food, the works.

But celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown said no matter how desperate some couples may feel after this whole ordeal, it's important to still do your research.

"I would talk to every vendor you have secured. Ask their opinion. Your friends may or may not know about that vendor but I guarantee you the vendors do. Talk to your photographer, talk to your florist. Everybody knows something and they'll help you through it," he said.

Brown also said that hiring a wedding planner is huge because they usually have insight on the industry.. and can help you avoid problems.

"In the industry, we hear these things. We know this was coming. We've known that this venue was in trouble for a while. My clients would never be taken to a venue if there was a possibility they weren't going to be around in a year or even less," said Brown. 

Couples should also follow these tips before booking:

-Check online reviews.

-Ask your photographer or caterer if they've ever worked in the venue.

-Consider getting wedding insurance.

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