Business Returns to Possum Kingdom Lake

6 week financial drought after fires

Relief blankets Possum Kingdom businesses owners this Memorial Day weekend as customers returned to spend the holiday on the lake.

Last Friday marked the 6th week since the Possum Kingdom complex wildfire started that closed down this lake and sunk Jay Naylor’s water rental equipment business “Naylor by the Water.”

“We were away from the lake for a week and then they weren’t allowing people in for another week after that," said Naylor. "And then people were afraid for two weeks beyond that because they heard that the lake was burned up.”

Naylor lost time and money. “Well, we had to borrow money to pay loans, so that is never a good business practice,” said Naylor.

While Naylor didn't get into specifics about how much money he lost, business this Memorial Day weekend is helping.

“It’s been a record breaker so it’s allowed us to catch up on some things that were stressing us out,” said Naylor.

If business stays this way Naylor can pay of the loans and make the living he’s used to. “By the end of summer this will be a blip on our screen,” said Naylor.

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