Business Owner Shoots Alleged Burglar

Police have one person in custody, another is still at large

A Dallas business owner shot an alleged burglar Monday night and another is on the run the man  staked out his own store following a string of recent burglaries.

The business owner said he caught the would-be thieves in the act at his store, Gabby Hall Auto Parts, along CF Hawn Freeway.

Police records show that thieves broke into Gabby Hall Auto Parts on Saturday, then again on Sunday. Not wanting it to happen for a third night in-a-row, the owner crime fighting into his own hands and staked out his own store.

“I’m good,” said Gabby Hall Auto Parts owner Danny Ellis.  He’s back open for business Tuesday morning, but he doesn’t want to say much about shooting at two men he claims he busted burglarizing his auto parts store overnight.  When asked if he was shaken, he replied, “Not really.  Protecting what you’ve got to protect.”

Police said their initial investigation does show Ellis had been protecting himself and his business when he grabbed his shotgun and fired as many as five shots at the alleged thieves.

Ellis tells officers that he’s been randomly checking on the property after hours, because burglars have repeatedly targeted it.  Police records show a laptop computer, 24 wheels, four tires and radiator copper has been stolen from the shop over the last few nights.

This time, Ellis told police he caught the men taking radiators out of cars and shouted at them to freeze.  Ellis said one of the men threw a heavy metal part at him and both took off running.  The businessman felt they had to be stopped and he opened fire.

Police said Edward Horton, 52, was rushed to the hospital after one of the shots hit him in the back.  Officers said Horton confessed to breaking in to steal from the store.  He was apparently treated and released and is now facing a charge of theft of material, aluminum/bronze/copper/brass less than $20,000 and was booked into the Dallas County Jail.

Investigators used K9s and a chopper to search for Horton's accomplice, but he got away.

Ellis told investigators that the four radiators the men had allegedly been trying to steal are worth about $300.

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