State Fair of Texas

Business Community Reacts To Loss of State Fair of Texas

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The State Fair of Texas brings with it an estimated economic impact for the DFW area of over $400-million. Near Fair Park, businesses benefit from the fair to varying degrees, with some saying its loss will have an impact while others contend it never benefited them in the first place.

“Our position right now is safety first and we support the decision because you always have to choose safety over money,” said Pizza Lounge Co-Owner Michael Lieberman.

Lieberman said his business benefited more from the exposure of the fair rather than economically off its large crowds. And down the street, the owners of Sandaga 813 said they are more concerned about being able to open back up during the pandemic and about the possible loss of college football at the Cotton Bowl than the fair itself.

“The PV and Grambling weekend, that’s probably one of our top three revenue-making weekends,” said Sandaga 813 co-owner Sean Smith.

District 7 Dallas City Councilman Adam Bazaldua said the college football games are still on at this point and he believes despite the challenges facing the area the business community is committed to making it through together.

“What is happening right now is out of our control but we are going through this together,” said Bazaldua.

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