#BushWatch: Laura Bush Shops With Hotties

Laura Bush was spotted shopping at a high-end antiques store on Knox Henderson. The former first lady rolled in with three stoic secret service agents who locked the doors after her arrival. Looking relaxed in a form fitting pink puckered blouse and slacks, she showed interest in an Old English chair, saying, “This would be nice for Jenna.”

And according to our anonymous source who hid in the kitchen, her main bodyguard is quite the Amazonian stunner -- standing 6’4 in designer heels. She even snapped a photo of our anonymous source on her phone. It’s probably just posh protocol … right? Right.

Our tipster needed some fuel after hunkering down in the kitchen for an hour. When our brave friend reached for some Hershey Kisses, the first lady gently scolded him, saying, “I saw that.” Her tone was pleasant though and her smiling eyes revealed playful intentions.

The former first lady spent a couple of hours in the store with a friend who could easily pass for Jane Fonda. By all accounts Laura Bush has excellent taste, showing an affinity for Classic Georgian pieces.

A mysterious blonde dressed in black and dripping in diamonds was let in by secret service. She and the first lady chatted a bit before Mrs. Bush sat down by the door, quietly musing, “I’m guarding the door.” And then she left, but not without leaving behind a blank check.

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