Bush Center in Dallas One of Few Presidential Libraries Open During Shutdown

'What's Open?' remains the key question for most during the government shutdown. And if you are looking to visit one of the three presidential libraries that call Texas home, only one remains open -- The George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

The center announced Saturday the museum, Cafe 43 and the store will keep normal hours during the government shutdown. However the research room and archive activities by the National Archives and Records Administration will be closed during the shutdown.

In College Station, the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Center announced they will be closed for the duration of the shutdown.

In Austin, it is a similar scene at the LBJ Presidential Library where they announced a closure to all visitors during the federal government shutdown.

According to the National Archives, the only presidential libraries that remain open during the shutdown are the Bush Center in Dallas and the Ronald Reagan Museum in California. 

According to the National Archives contingency plan posted online, if a presidential library shares control with a foundation or university it can continue to operate with the costs being picked up through the foundation.

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