Burned Body Found in Dallas Field

Still no determination on the victim's identity

Dallas police are trying to identify charred human remains that were found in a field early Saturday morning.

The remains were discovered in the 800-block of Wixom Lane.

"The body appears to have been there for at least a couple of days," police spokesman Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse said in a statement. "Bones were found scattered around, so cadaver dogs were brought in to assist the M.E. (medical examiner) in locating other bones."

As of Saturday afternoon, the medical examiner was still trying to determine the race and sex of the body.

Paul Hocutt, one of the people who discovered the body, lives in the area. He told NBC 5 that people walk through the area all the time to fish in a nearby pond. 

"That's evil, pure evil. What I seen, that's pure evil," said Hocutt. "That's something I don't want my family, my kids to ever have to see."

Residents told NBC 5 they hear gunshots at night and said stolen cars have been left in the area. But residents said the discovery of the body was shocking.

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