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Burleson Teen Shot Twins From 100 Yards Away: Police

18-year-old suspect arraigned in shootings of 17-year-old twins

An 18-year-old Burleson High School student was arraigned Monday on murder charges after police say he showed up to a fistfight with a gun and opened fire, killing a 17-year-old and injuring his twin brother.

A judge ordered the suspect, Tristan Torres, held on $350,000 bond – $250,000 for the murder of Cameron Lewis and $100,000 for shooting Lewis's twin. Torres is being held in the Johnson County jail.

The fight was set for about 11 p.m. Saturday at the parking lot of Mound Elementary School, police said.

But Torres, a Burleson senior, pulled out a .40-caliber pistol and started shooting before he even got out of his car, firing out the passenger window, said Police Chief Billy Cordell.

Torres later surrendered and cooperated with detectives by leading them to the gun he had hidden, Cordell said.

Cameron Lewis, 17, a former Burleson student, was shot in the head and killed. His twin brother was shot in the foot.

Police said the teens started arguing days earlier.

"I think (it was a) predetermined thing, 'We're going to meet, we're going to fight,' based on some things earlier in the week," Cordell said. "But it turned ugly real quick. And that's how quickly things can escalate."

Police are investigating what the argument was about.

In Burleson, with a population of 45,000 and growing, the crime is the talk of the town.

"We used to be a small town where everybody pretty much knew each other," one longtime resident said. "It's totally ridiculous. Why? Why? Was it over something really traumatic for them? I don't know. To kill someone?"

The police chief agreed.

"There are no winners in this," Cordell said. "It's all a loss. A lot of lives are impacted by this. And that's the tragedy."

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