Burleson Says Water is Safe After Missing Testing Deadline

After missing a lead and copper testing deadline in 2015, City of Burleson officials said their customers’ water is safe.

When officials realized they missed the testing deadline between June and September in 2015, they performed the test in January and found the lead and copper levels to be below the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality limits.

"We take this very seriously and we wanted to give our customers results so they could continue to have confidence in their water quality," Burleson Director of Public Works Aaron Russell said.

Russell said the city sent out a three page letter to its customers to let them know the oversight.

Historically, the TCEQ sent out test kits, which helped cities remember to perform the test. This year the TCEQ didn’t send out those kits, but Russell said the city takes responsibility for forgetting the test.

The City of Burleson isn’t the only city to forget the lead and copper test. TCEQ said nearly half of Texas public water suppliers forgot the test.

After watching recent stories about lead in Flint, Michigan, people in Burleson said they were more concerned than usual about the possibility of lead being in the water.

"With all the problems in Flint, Michigan, it makes you wonder, iIs there a problem here?;" said Cathy Foster.

To get the lead and copper testing results in Burleson, city officials pull samples from 30 older homes.

"What we want people to understand is that lead and copper occurs in homes, particularly older homes, that may have plumbing that may have used materials such as lead solder," Russell said. "The lead and copper can leach into that water within that house."

Burleson residents that want their water tested should call the city's Public Works Department at 817-426-9890. The test costs $35, but the city will pay $10.

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