Burleson Hospital Receives 20 Palettes of Medical Supplies from Global Humanitarian Aid Group

Texas Health Huguley received five containers worth of personal protective equipment including face masks and gowns from a global humanitarian aid group

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Hospitals can run through thousands of personal protective equipment every week and health care workers at Texas Health Huguley in Burleson are no exception.

Penny Johnson, the President and CEO of Texas Health Huguley, said it's not only doctors and nurses who use the masks, gloves and other medical equipment, it's also staff, patients and visitors.

That's why they were grateful when they received a large donation of medical supplies from Adventists Development and Assistance Relief Agency, or ADRA,

"We had an incredible donation from ADRA which was five containers and 20 pallets of PPE. Face masks, gowns, the whole nine yards that have really been so important to us," Johnson said. "We focus on four service standards here and two of those are 'love me' and 'keep me safe' and we can't love or keep our employees safe without the proper PPE, so that’s really been a blessing as well.”

ADRA said it has stepped up its humanitarian relief efforts in the U.S. due to the ongoing pandemic and the demand for more medical supplies that hospitals are facing.

“Nursing itself is already challenging and in respects, physical, mental, physiological and now dealing with a pandemic, it takes a lot," said Bruna Dunne who is a Registered Nurse at Texas Health.

She said it does become a task putting on and taking off the personal protective equipment every day multiple times a day, but it's what they have to do to keep their patients safe.

"We're there for the patients dealing with something that is unknown and also trying to keep the families updated since most of the families are not able to visit with their loved ones," Dunne said.

"Health care workers are programmed to work well under crisis and our teams are doing well, taking care of a lot of patients, but they have great spirits and are energetic," Johnson said.

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