Burglars Shot by Grand Prairie Business Owner: Police

Shooting justified under Texas’ Castle Doctrine

A Grand Prairie business owner stopped a couple of burglars in their tracks early Thursday morning and shot them, according to police.

The shooting took place outside Xtreme Marine at 2349 Fort Worth Street. The two suspects went to the hospital and police said they're going to be OK.

"Either he heard them or was notified that (burglary) was occurring, came outside and confronted the two suspects," said Grand Prairie Police Det. Mark Beseda. "He was armed with a shotgun and he did shoot both suspects with a shotgun."

Right across the street from the warehouses that are home to businesses like Xtreme Marine is an apartment complex where people were not surprised there was a burglary.

"It's a normal thing around this area, this is a tough neighborhood to live in," said Luis Lerma. "Maybe it serves them right, that what happened to them makes them understand that it's not right to do."

The owner of the truck and the business did not want to talk to us about shooting the burglars.

"It's just bad," said Angela Crockett who lives in the apartments across the street. "I have a son and it's just no good living environment over here for him and this is so close to home and it could have been like the bullet came through one of our windows."

Crockett is thankful that’s not what happened and believes the shooting was justified.

"I think it serves as justice. I just wouldn't want any more of that crime happening again around here," said Crockett.

Grand Prairie police said the suspects were not armed.

The Castle Doctrine states that "a person is justified in using force and in some instances, deadly force to repel an aggressor." The law applies in a person's home and even at a place of work or in someone's car.

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