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Burglars Crash Vehicle Into Dallas Pharmacy: Police

Someone crashed a vehicle into a Dallas pharmacy and apparently stole prescription drugs Tuesday morning, police say. [[321371191,C]]

Dallas police said a driver crashed a vehicle through the front of the Panacea Rx Pharmacy on the 100 block of North Westmoreland Road at about 5 a.m.

Property manager David Valdez said surveillance video captured three masked men crash a truck into the pharmacy, run to the back door and leave within a minute.

The burglars broke through a locked door at the back of the pharmacy where the stronger, more potent drugs are typically kept, police said.

Jacob Chennat, the pharmacist at the store, told NBC 5 that in a burglary May 18 crooks stole bottles of codeine and Vicodin and did about $25,000 worth of damage to the store.

Chennat said the pharmacy stopped carrying the powerful narcotics when they continued to have problems with people threatening violence and using false or suspicious prescriptions.

In Tuesday's burglary, Chennat said the thieves stole the small handful of bottles of Vicodin the pharmacy had kept on hand for emergency prescriptions.

"They’re coming after the narcotics; it’s only after they come they realize they don’t have any narcotics," said Sylvia Aparicio. "But they already did the damage."

Sylvia and Eduardo Aparicio, who own the Compassion Care Clinic next door, are running the pharmacy while the owner is away on vacation.

"It's scary. When they are in that state of mind, they don't care," Sylvia Aparicio said. "When people are addicted, they are desperate."

NBC 5's Jeff Smith contributed to this report.

Dallas police say burglars crashed a vehicle into a pharmacy Tuesday morning.
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