Burglars Attempt to Steal Third Row Seats from Vehicles in Southlake

The Southlake Department of Public Safety says individuals are attempting to take the third row seats from vehicles and warns that similar burglaries occurred last year

Southlake Department of Public Safety

Several individuals attempted to steal the third row seats from a vehicle in Southlake early Monday morning, officials say.

According to the Southlake Department of Public Safety, the occupants of a gray Toyota Tundra attempted to take the back row of seats from an Escalade at about 2:20 a.m.

Officials said one man exited the Toyota and tried to open the doors of the Escalade, but all of the doors were locked.

The man was able to open the glass portion of the back tailgate, officials said.

Officials said another individual exited the Toyota and began to look inside the Escalade, only to find that the third row seats were already missing.

According to Southlake DPS, the owner of the Escalade was robbed in a similar fashion one year ago and had not replaced the third row seats.

Officials said the burglars looked through the Escalade's center console and glove compartment, but did not take anything.

Southlake DPS warned drivers who own Escalades or other vehicles with a third row seat to be wary of burglars. Officials said similar crimes were committed around this time last year.

DPS officials reminded drivers of several ways to prevent motor vehicle robberies:

  • Install a car alarm
  • Leave your house lights on
  • Back in your car at night
  • Report suspicious vehicles during the night
  • Have a Ring camera or a similar home security device
  • Hide, lock, take
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