Burglar Uses Doggie Door to Break In

Creative thieves are getting on all fours to burglarize homes in a Fort Worth neighborhood.

Leah Cichocki realized someone broke into her Arlington Heights house when she got home from work.

"I walked into the kitchen, and I saw the doggie door was about four feet out," she said. "I went in my bedroom, and I realized someone had come in. They went through my jewelry."

Some change was also stolen.

And Cichocki has no doubt they broke in through the doggie door.

"The door was locked from the inside, so they didn't even lock the door and walk out," she said. "They went back through the doggie door."

According to an Arlington Heights neighborhood crime alert, it's happened more than once. Two other break-ins through doggie doors have been reported. The burglars use back alleys to access the homes, the alert said.

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