Burglar Targets Couple on Vacation

A Highland Park woman wants to warn others about a mistake she made, before leaving on a recent trip.

Sunny Nunan thinks she basically told a cab driver how to break into her house, while sitting in the back of his cab. 

Nunan said she and her husband were leaving for the airport, when she sent her husband back inside to get something she forgot. She reminded her husband, he could open their back door, without a key.
“Like an idiot, I say, it’s no big deal, the back door, if you shake it, it releases the lock,” said Nunan. 
She and her husband came home to find someone had broken into their house and stolen their laptops and jewelry.
“Two weeks before, they could have taken anything in this house, and I would not have cared, but just the timeliness of this is heart-breaking,” said Nunan. 
Nunan’s father passed away two weeks earlier, and the crook stole the few pieces of jewelry he left her.  
“I feel really strongly I know who did this, there were two cars in the driveway, nobody would look at this house and say that's a great house to rob, I mean, it’s hard to not put the pieces together and wonder," Nunan said.
The burglar(s) stole several gold charms of her father’s, including a custom gold football charm with a blue “W” on it.
Highland Park police say they are investigating several leads in the case. 
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