Burger Wars in North Texas

Would you spend an hour in line for a cheeseburger?

People in Dallas are.

They're lining up for Shake Shack, an East coast import, that opened its doors for the first time in Uptown Thursday.

"I think it is really special," said Shake Shack's culinary director Mark Rosati. "We're going to have great food and great hospitality."

Dallas is the chain's 120th restaurant world-wide.

Two miles away in Deep Ellum, the lunch crowd is picking up at Stackhouse.

The burger joint opened nearly five years ago to little fanfare and wait times are minimal, if you have to wait at all.

"Being a mom and pop along all these corporate chains is not easy," said General Manager Daniel Macrini. "Our plan here is simple. We use fresh ingredients, the best we can get our hands on and we stay as consistent as we can."

"I'm a burger fan," added Rosati. "When I come to city's like Dallas, I like finding those mom's and pop's and eating their burgers. That's where I draw a lot of my inspiration."

Rosati argues that corporate giants and local restaurants can get along just fine.

"If you're a fan of burgers, you don't pledge allegiance to just one burger, " he added. "You like a variety in your diet and if we're all doing different versions of great classic American hamburgers, there's enough fans for all of us."

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