Bunnies Are Being Found in Flooded Nests After Heavy Rains

This is the time of year when bunnies are born and an expert says they can drown fast in their nests

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North Texas has been hit with severe weather lately which has wreaked havoc on certain wildlife that are beginning baby season.

Diana Leggett, president of the non-profit WildRescue Inc., says more than 100 cottontail bunnies have been dropped off since Friday.

“With rains that we've had, anything over a half-inch, you can be guaranteed that that nest is going to flood,” Leggett said.

Cottontails, which nest in shallow depressions in the ground, are being found in flooded nests across North Texas.

Leggett says she received 80 calls Tuesday from people with questions about what to do. Most of the calls, she says, are from cities like Frisco and McKinney, "And that's where the biggest development is," Leggett said.

She says bunnies should never be left in nests filled with water and elaborates on the steps that should be taken on her Facebook page.

Since now is when Cottontail bunnies are born, boxes of them are being dropped off and left on the doorstep of Leggett's home in Denton, where she runs her non-profit.

Everyday, she spends hours feeding the animals and cleaning cages.

“This is the worst year I’ve ever seen, no question,” Leggett said.

Once the bunnies about about the size of a baseball, she said they’ll be released.

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