Bulletproof Couch Hides Gun Safe

There's a lot to see at the Hunters Extravaganza in Fort Worth.

But in the middle of the hunting event is a couch that's designed for much more than sitting and relaxing.

Under the cushions, this fine leather couch hides a gun safe. A very large one.

"No one would even know you had a safe under there. It is totally hidden,” said John Adrain of Hercales Research Corp.

There's another secret besides the hidden gun safe -- the couch is bullet proof. The designers say it can reportedly handle up to a .44 magnum bullet.

Adrain says that the couch can be used as a shield if anyone comes into a home and starts shooting. The owner of the company says he designed it to look good and be functional for safety.

And the people most interested in the more than six-thousand dollar item?

“Women drive a lot of the sales, because women want their closet back,” added Adrain.

So far, what Adrain calls a "couch bunker" been out for less than a year, and they have sold a few dozen.

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