BTS: Biggest Boy Band Heading to Texas

The seven-member K-pop band fans call themselves the BTS Army

The Los Angeles Staples Center is abuzz with the K-pop band BTS. "I love BTS!" yelled a group of girls.

BTS fans are lovingly called the BTS Army. Two hours before the Wednesday concert in LA, we met members of the Kaba Kids dance group performing the band's choreography while others chanted the names of BTS's seven members as they awaited the Love Yourself World Tour.

Samantha Johnson and Susan Brito, who are in the BTS Army, show the one thing that can increase your BTS fun at their concerts.

"So the fact that you're about to walk in there and see these guys, are you just about to freak out?" we asked BTS Army Samantha Johnson.

"Yeah! I'm actually a little bit in tears. This is my very first concert and I'm like super excited, definitely," she said with a laugh.

There is a global fandom surrounding the Bangtan Boys, whose followers take their dedication to a remarkable level.

A street away from the Staples Center, fans had been camped out for days with hopes of getting closer to the front of the stage using their general admission tickets.

"Okay, so you're here for the concert tomorrow. Where will you be sleeping tonight?" we asked fan Kori Bradford.

"On this cardboard box underneath her chair...I've never slept on a cardboard box before," she said with a laugh. "I will do anything for BTS."

Fellow BTS Army Sonia Castillo was sitting on the sidewalk not far away.

"I've been sitting here since Sunday," Castillo said.

We pointed out the obvious: "Last time I checked — today is Wednesday, that's a long time."

"Ya, it's awhile," Castillo said.

To get a better understanding of why BTS is so successful, we spoke with award-winning music producer Patrick "j.Que" Smith.

"Biggest song I've ever written is 'Yeah' for Usher," Smith said while standing in his Sherman Oaks home surrounded by awards for his work in the music industry.

"Having someone that speaks to you, as opposed to speaks at you, is powerful. And these guys are doing a very good job of that," Smith said of BTS.

Smith said he has contributed to the sale of 40 million albums, and BTS stands out.

"Music's job is to move you," Smith said. "Their music moves you. Period. Their music moves you and I think everybody should be able to get a taste of that."

Music producer Patrick "J. Que" Smith, discusses why he thinks BTS's music has been so successful. He said music is a language of its own and BTS's music does the one thing music is supposed to do -- it moves people.

And even though most of BTS's lyrics are in Korean, their message of self-love is universal.

"They really encourage us to love ourselves for who we are," Bradford said.

"It's very meaningful, especially when you're going through a lot in your life," Johnson said. "They're so far away from me, but their songs are hitting me right in the heart."

"And they just kind of like make you feel good about yourself when you go to their concerts and when you listen to their music," Betsy Palma said.

Online, fans shared with us how BTS's music has helped them.

Omega wrote, "Now I'm trying to love myself a little bit more, all thanks to BTS."

And Mary said "I am 33, and when I recently experienced a miscarriage, it was their music that helped console me."

Maddi Jacobi, BTS Army and dancer with Kaba Kids, contributed this message for our story to provide a deeper understanding of why she and others truly love BTS.


Stories like these are just one example of why BTS is an international success.

So if you haven't listened to them yet, the BTS Army invites you to join their fandom with hopes you'll give their favorite seven guys a chance.

Fans Sumin Kwon, Izabelle Le and Maddi Jacobe share what they love about BTS.

Writer's note: If you are ready to sing along to BTS, online there are numerous videos with translations along with fan chants that can help you sing along and get involved in their songs. If you have any questions for BTS Army members, just use their hashtag #BTSARMY on social media and I've found they are delightful and willing to help guide you.

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