Bruce Springsteen Guitarist's Guitars Stolen in Dallas

The show will go on for legendary rock and roll artist Nils Lofgren.[[478423713,C]]

The guitarist for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will perform at Dallas' Kessler Theater Friday night despite having his guitars stolen.

"It's a very bizarre thing, you know, to be worrying about a set list, I got a couple of dear friends coming, and then all of a sudden all your stuff has been stolen," Lofgren said.

The four guitars were stolen out of a van parked at a Holiday Inn hotel in Dallas on Thursday, according to Lofgren.

Lofgren says the robbery has left him devastated, but he promised his fans that he would still perform as scheduled.

"It's made a for a challenging day. We don't want to burn the audience with that. Our job is to borrow and rent some guitars, gear, equipment - whatever we are missing - to do a great show tonight," he said.

Fortunately, Lofgren has some good friends in North Texas. He called his old high school buddy and former band mate Howard Kweller for help.

Kweller was able to round up a few guitars and loan them to Lofgren.

"He introduced me to Bruce Springsteen when he started working with Bruce. That was amazing. I've been his biggest groupie every since," Kweller said.

One of the guitars Kweller lent to Lofgren belongs to his son Ben, a popular musician himself. Lofgren gave the guitar to Ben for his 13th birthday.

"Nils knows that guitar well. The show must go on. He's the ultimate performer. I have no doubt hell have an amazing show," Kweller said.

They were not antique guitars or overly expensive instruments, but Lofgren was going to be using them for his Friday night show.

Lofgren's wife tweeted a photo of the suspected thief. Police have not confirmed the photo she tweeted is a suspect, but detectives are gathering video evidence related to the case.

Fortunately, a local guitar shop loaned Lofgren some replacements, so he will hit the Kessler stage and, as he said on Twitter, "take the roof off."

If you have any information call Dallas police.

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