Bruce Jenner Lane in Texas: Name Change?

El Paso neighborhood considers whether to rename the street Caitlyn Jenner Lane

Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympian formerly known to millions as Bruce, has just changed her name. But should a street named Bruce Jenner Lane follow suit?

That's what some residents in an east El Paso neighborhood are discussing now that Jenner has come out as transgender and adopted a new name.[[306305431,C]]

Throughout the neighborhood, there's a familiar theme. There are streets named Frank Shorter Lane, Jim Ryan Lane and Don Meredith Lane. While all the streets bear athletes' names, one now stands out from the others — Bruce Jenner Lane.

Jenner made history after winning the world title for the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics, but most recently made headlines for her gender transition.

The question for El Paso: Does that mean Bruce Jenner Lane should be renamed, too?

Some residents are saying yes, while others think it should remain as is.

"I don't think they should change the name, because the street was named after he was an Olympian, and who he is now doesn't change who he was in the past," said Bianca Duran, who lives on Bruce Jenner Lane.

Either way, officials said the city council would have to get involved, especially since the street has been named Bruce Jenner Lane since 1983.

"The only way a street can be renamed is through council action, whether that's a community group that comes forward or a city council representative that may want to bring that forward," said Ramon Herrera with the city of El Paso.

There is also a Bruce Jenner Lane in south Austin and a Bruce Jenner Drive in Clarksville, Tennessee.  There is no word if the future of those street names are up for debate.

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