‘Brotherhood for the Fallen' Brings Police From Across the Country for Officer David Sherrard's Funeral

Law enforcement officers from all over the country are coming to North Texas to pay their respects at the funeral of Richardson Police Officer David Sherrard. Fort Worth police officers greeted their brothers and sisters in blue at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport throughout the day Monday.

The men and women came from five different departments: New York City, Boston, Chicago, Aurora, Colo., and Suffolk County, N.Y. Along with Dallas and Fort Worth, they make up the "Brotherhood for the Fallen," a non-profit organization devoted to showing the families of fallen officers they are not alone.

When the alarm sounds, they answer the call.

"It's a bond that if you're not in law enforcement, it's hard to understand," said Fort Worth Police Officer Jimmy Pollozani.

The Brotherhood knows no boundaries of city lines, rank or uniform. They're all here for one reason.

"Basically just to stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow brothers and sisters from across the United States to pay that respect," Pollozani said.

He was on hand at D/FW Airport Monday night to pick up officers from Suffolk County and Boston, arriving for the funeral of a man they never knew.

"You think about him and the bravery that he had in the moment he was taken, and you think about the family right away. Those two girls are losing their dad," said Officer Jessica Mueller, of the Suffolk County Police Department.

Her fellow officer, Eileen Emiddio, added, "I just feel like it's so important to show our respects to somebody that could be us at any given time."

The officers volunteer to travel, and the Brotherhood for the Fallen pays all expenses. Once they're together, the feeling is priceless.

"It feels like I'm related to them," said Emiddio, gesturing to her fellow officers. "It feels like they're my family."

The blue family is here to show the Sherrard family love and support from all over the country.

ONLINE: For more information, or to donate, visit the Fort Worth Brotherhood for the Fallen website.

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