Brother Says Man Arrested in Kaufman Co. Threat Needs Help

The brother of a Terrell man accused of threatening a Kaufman County official says he is embarrassed by his brother's arrest but does not think he would harm anyone.

Nick Morale, 56, was arrested Tuesday on a terroristic threat charge. Kaufman County sheriff's deputies say Morale called in a threat to a tip line established for the investigation into the deaths of the district attorney and his wife.

Morale is not suspected in the deaths.

His brother, David Morale, said he is disappointed by his older brother's arrest.

"It's a big embarrassment," he said. "The family has no ill will towards anyone, anything. I feel bad for the people."

Specific details of the threat were not revealed, but a complaint affidavit released to the media said "the caller stated [name redacted] would be the next victim."

When asked if thought his brother was capable of carrying out such a threat, David Morale said, "No, no. I certainly hope not."

When asked why his brother might make such a threat, David Morale said, "To feel important? I don't know."

David Morale said he and his brother have not spoken in years.

"I haven't seen him in five years," he said. "I don't know his mental state is. I don't know if he's got worse."

But he said his brother was always known to tell lies.

"His lies have gotten him in trouble before -- not in this kind of trouble, but he's lost jobs over it," he said.

David Morale said his brother, who ran for Kaufman County commissioner several years ago, always liked attention. He said he believes his brother's call to the tip line was less of a threat and more of a call for help.

"It's a call for help," he said. "He needed help 30 years ago."

Nick Morale is being held in the Kaufman County Jail on a $1 million bond.

David Morale said he did not think he would visit his brother in jail.

NBC 5's Frank Heinz contributed to this report.

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