Broadway Star Surprises Wylie High School Freshman With ‘Drive-by Discipline'

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When Wylie High School freshman Maggie Smith heard megaphones blaring from the sidewalk outside her home Tuesday morning, she had no idea what to think.

She was even more confused when she realized her assistant principal and theater teacher were there at the request of her parents, fulfilling a referral for some "drive-by discipline."

A couple of weeks ago, Wylie ISD invited all parents to participate in a "Drive-by Referral" contest.

It was a lighthearted way to connect with kids causing a little trouble, or in Maggie's case, a little annoyance while everyone's trapped at home.

Her mom Michelle Smith sent in the following submission.

Maggie is incessantly singing Broadway musical songs under the guise that she is "practicing for auditions." The dogs are howling, the cat is trying to bury her head in the litter box and her father and I have promised her a visit from Lin Manuel Miranda himself, if she will give it a rest for at least an hour. Alas, our pleads for a respite have fallen on her apparent Broadway-deafened ears. Please WHS AP's we beg you to come and save us from the freshman Phantom of the Rona!!!

As promised, the district jumped into action, working with former Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, David Gaschen, to pull off a huge surprise.

After weeks of singing, Maggie got a front yard serenade worthy of a Broadway stage.

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