Bringing Boxing Day to North Texas

Holiday brings business to English-style pubs

NBC 5 News

Boxing Day celebrations had spirits flowing in a few corners of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

In the British tradition, observing Christmas extends to Dec. 26. While some say it began as the day people opened Christmas presents, others have a different take.

"After Christmas was done, the food that wasn't eaten would be boxed up and given to the servants," said Richard Oram, who was born in the London area.

Today, the tradition has turned to a day for football, or -- as Americans call it -- soccer.

"I'm not missing out on Boxing Day. It's not going to happen," said Wayne McMullen, also a London-area native.

At Londoners Restaurant in Addison, the doors opened at 7 a.m. for the first football match of the day.

Owner Rosemarie said the faithful were there early, despite the early-morning wake-up.

"There was a line," she said.

While it's hard to recreate tradition so far across the pond, U.K. natives say the food, spirits and company of Boxing Day certainly help.

"It's a little bit home, right here in Texas," Oram said.

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