North Texas

Breast Milk Donation Site Opens in Mansfield

Methodist Mansfield Medical Center is now partnered with the Mothers Milk Bank of North Texas to provide a convenient drop off location for donor breast milk in southeast Tarrant County.

"We are giving preemie babies the best start in life with breast milk. With breast milk, the odds are much better that a baby born early will survive," says a hospital spokesperson.

Moms are able to drop off donated milk to the convenient depot in southeast Tarrant County and no longer have to drive to downtown Fort Worth to drop off their milk to help fragile preemie babies locally.

Research shows that premature babies who are exclusively fed breast milk have shorter hospital stays and better overall outcomes.

"We need more donors, so if there are moms out there with an excess supply and they're thinking about throwing it, do not throw that breast milk out! It's liquid gold! Become a donor, drop it off and let us give it to help the little ones," said Mandi Longoria, a lactation consultant at Methodist Mansfield.

The FDA recommends against feeding your baby breast milk acquired directly from individuals or through the Internet. According to the FDA, "when human milk is obtained directly from individuals or through the Internet, the donor is unlikely to have been adequately screened for infectious disease or contamination risk. In addition, it is not likely that the human milk has been collected, processed, tested or stored in a way that reduces possible safety risks to the baby."

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