Breaking Down Black Friday Deals

Black Friday seems to creep earlier and earlier, as more than a half dozen major chains — including Wal-Mart, Target and Toys 'R' Us — will be open by Thanksgiving evening this year.

Experts said you can expect to see good deals throughout the holiday season. The mild weather much of the country's been having is part of the reason. Fewer people shopped so lots of stores are stuck with inventory that hasn't moved.

"We've seen results come in from JC Penney to Dillard's to Macy's to Best Buy," retail consultant company McMillan Doolittle's Dwight Hill said. "They have had softer sales throughout the third-quarter. Inventories have been building up. They haven't sold as much as they have planned going into the holidays."

That could be good news for consumers, because there will probably be more sales and promotion throughout the holiday season, not just Black Friday. But that doesn't mean you should wait until the last minute to buy everything.

"I think for Black Friday, I would go after that big 75-inch TV, the refrigerator or the new washer and dryer," Hill said.

But items like apparel and toys? You may be better off waiting.

"I think those promotions are going to spill over into December and get even heavier than last year," Hill said.

Adobe has its own predictions about when you should buy. As with Hill's advise, it depends on the item, so get your "must haves" early and wait on the rest.

Make sure you do your homework before you head out. The website Nerd Wallet compared this year's Black Friday deals with last year's and found about 20 percent of them are repeats and some were just as cheap earlier this month. And Marketwatch recently published an article about retail tricks to make you spend more.

Here is our roundup of store openings and sale items:

Wal-Mart's Black Friday event, 6 p.m. Thanksgiving (all day Thursday online). Best deals:

  • 50-inch TV — $269
  • 40-inch TV — $149
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab — $79
  • HP laptop — $199
  • Marvel toy figures — $10
  • Barbie beach doll — $4
  • Ride ons — $99
  • Bikes — $59

Target's Black Friday event, 6 p.m. Thanksgiving-11 p.m. Black Friday. Best deals:

  • Hd video drone — $394.99
  • 55-inch TV — $249.99
  • Nikon camera — $99.99
  • Xbox One — $299.99
  • 32-inch TV — $99.99
  • Apple IWatch — starting at $349

Toys 'R' Us Black Friday event, 5 p.m. Thanksgiving-11 p.m. Black Friday (Online, 8 a.m. Thanksgiving). Best deals:

  • Escalade ride on — $299
  • Bikes — $39.99 and $59.99
  • Create and Bake Kitchen — $49.99
  • Razor scooter — $19.99

Best Buy's Black Friday event, 5 p.m. Thanksgiving-1 a.m. Friday (8 a.m. Friday and online all day Thanksgiving). Best deals:

  • 49-inch TV — $149
  • Apple Macbook Pro — $899.99
  • GoPro — $399.99
  • 2 Chromecasts — $50
  • Soundbar — $99.99
  • Xbox One — $299.99
  • PS4 — $349.99

Macy's Black Friday event, 6 p.m. Thanksgiving (doorbusters from 6 p.m. Thursday-1 p.m. Friday). Best deals:

  • Boots for her — $19.99
  • Dress shirts or ties — $19.99
  • Slow cooker — $7.99 after rebate
  • Toaster oven — $9.99 after rebate
  • Suits — 50 percent off
  • Men's jackets — $79.99

Kohl's Black Friday event, 6 p.m. Thanksgiving. Best deals:

  • 32-inch TV — $99.99
  • 40-inch TV — $319.99
  • Jewelry  — $14.99 each
  • Slow cooker  —  $9.99

Nerd Wallet has its own list. You can find it here: http://www.nerdwallet.com/blog/shopping/best-black-friday-2015-doorbusters/

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