Break-In Victims: Cops Didn't Use Our GPS Info

The victims of a vehicle break-in tried to solve their case with GPS technology. But four days later, police are finally beginning an investigation.

The two Plano women said a thief smashed the window of their pickup truck Thursday and stole iPods, credit cards, cash, jewelry and a cell phone while they went into an LA Fitness.

"It's a headache," one of the victims said. "I've had to cancel all my accounts."

The two women used the stolen cell phone's GPS tracking system to track the thief's movements.

"We had all the information the police needed to capture them," one of the women said.

They then called Plano police with the thief's possible whereabouts.

"But they just said, 'Well, it's not that important. We have our resources (in) other places,'" one of the victims said.

They said they had hoped the thief would be caught by now.

Two hours after contacted the Plano Police Department about the situation Monday, a detective told the victims he was on the case.

Officer Rick McDonald, a police spokesman, said the investigation was delayed because the department is in the process of switching to a computerized report-taking system.

"I hand-walked the supplemental reports to the detectives," he said. "They are now on the case."

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