Wayne Carter

Bragging About Dallas' D.A. Hulcy Middle School

It's the hottest new, Vegas-style magic show, and it's happening in a middle school science class in the Dallas Independent School District.

Students at D.A. Hulcy Middle School can't stop coming to learn more about physics and how molecules work.

"If we're learning about something hard, he finds something interesting," student Kabram Washington said.

The he? First-year teacher Richard Settele.

"Integrating fun stuff like this, where they can't not watch, is the easiest way to be able to go through a lesson with 100% of the students paying attention to what I'm about to say," Settele said.

D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle School is a choice magnet school in the Dallas Independent School District which approaches class in a way you may not expect.

Hulcy is also known for blending different disciplines together to create learning.

Eight-grader Bienca Escobar is running a business at Hulcy.

"We try to find the best quality at the lowest price," Escobar said.

She and her team have researched a growing problem with dolphins damaging their tails after they get caught in traps.

They designed a prosthetic fin they believe could help injured dolphins and are trying to offer it at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

A science teacher at D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle in Dallas finds a way to teach, while keeping students engaged.
NBC 5's Wayne Carter highlights all the great programs at D.A. Hulcy STEAM Middle School in Dallas for a special segment called Brag About Your School.

Clearly, it's not real life. It's a math class

Principal Jonica Lockwood said the school pushes project-based learning. Students are often given a task or job to complete and they use skill from math, science and English and writing to complete it.

"They sit down and figure out which standards cross over into multiple disciplines," Lockwood said.

The students were laser focused on their tasks and said it's one of many things they loved about their school.

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