Brag About Your School: The Colony High School

Every Monday NBC 5 is bragging about your school. It's a chance to see some of the classes, activities and success stories going on inside schools across North Texas.

The Colony High School is bragging about their athletics and academics this week.

The school leaders are very proud of their culinary program.

You can always grab some attention with a little something to eat and that's what these students are learning each day.

In the intro to culinary class, they're not making complex foods, but the basics we all need to know, like eggs.

Fried, scrambled, poached, over easy, soft boiled, just never underdone.

These students learn tricks to master them all and get them right.

"I love that they can take these skills even if they're not going to be in culinary, they can take these skills, and take it into the real world and take it home with them," said teacher Ashlyn Swan.

The students said besides being able to help out around the house and master everything from the right way to chop to the right way to clean, the class is also helping them recapture memories.

"I used to make pancakes with my grandma but now she lives in Tennessee, so doing stuff like this gets me in touch with family," said student Matthew Galloway.

The students said their organizational skills are improving, they're more disciplined, and they're able to open the fridge and see some ingredients and figure out a meal just like that.

The teacher admits it is easy to gain weight in this class. The Colony High can teach you about calories too.

In Mr. Hoang's chemistry class, they're doing experiments on gummy bears. The students are watching the sugar inside the bears create a chemical reaction much like what happens when we eat them.

"That's what's happening in our body, when we eat a gummy bear it releases energy but we don't see it because it's in our tummy," said Kenny Hoang.

The experiments are visual but the science and math behind them is very challenging still these students embrace it and find it hard to turn away.

The Colony High made records athletically with every team making it to playoffs last year.

They also have a collegiate academy, helping students, head to college, and every fine arts program excelled at their competitions as well.

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