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Brag About Your School: I.M. Terrell Academy

It looks kind of like a design lab for the latest tech company, but the robotics classroom is where young minds are encouraged to design, build, and program machinery. 

"I'm thinking surgical engineering, creating robots to help with surgeries." said freshman Kaelen House.

House chose to attend I.M. Terrell Academy in the Fort Worth ISD just to be at this table where she can tinker with parts and on computers.  

I.M. Terrell Academy is a school that specializes in STEM and VPA. Students apply to the program and, if admitted, get rigorous studies in the sciences and the arts. 

"It's very different than what I would get at another school and I really appreciate it because I get to focus on what I would enjoy, rather than do something I'm not as passionate about," House said.

That passion is all over the classroom. We've seen classes where students learn how to fly drones, but the students here decided to design and build one. 

STEM students get help from mentors in the business world.  

Jesse Borries is a web developer who loves to pitch in. 

"Sometimes it's programming, hardware they need expertise on," he said. 

The school's STEM focus is strong, they're searching for the most talented engineering minds, giving them tools, experience, and the mindset to think how all this can lead to a career they can brag about.

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