Carter in the classroom

Students Engage in Bottle Biology at Plano's Rice Middle School

Everything is different these days and biology class has changed too. Students at Rice Middle School have biology in a bottle.

It's basically an aquarium at the bottom and a terrarium at the top.

"At first, I thought the Bottle Biology would be easy, but it was hard," student Nami Adenle said.

Everything has to be tracked, measured, charted and explained.

Students at Rice Middle School in Plano speak a combined 36 languages and earned sparkling results on their STARR tests.

The students stayed engaged in what was growing inside. They quickly bragged that bottle biology was one of the highlights of their day.

"You get to interact with all of your friends and make a good bond together and study at the same time about plants," Adenle said.

"Then you get to learn about science and then you get to learn about being creative in who you are and what you do," student Nadia Yen added.

At Rice Middle School in Plano ISD, 900 students participate in performing arts and the school received distinctions in all of the STARR test categories.

Teacher Rebecca Bottin said the students are encouraged to observe tiny changes to their bottles they may not have first noticed.

Bottin said all subjects are brought into bottle biology -- even friendship, which these students foster each day.

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