Bradie James: Where Are They Now

Once a defender, always a defender. Former Cowboys linebacker Bradie James is playing defense in a whole new way.

James is the co-owner of Premier Electronics, a company that uses the latest technology to safeguard homes and businesses against thieves.

"My degree is actually in criminology. I had no idea that I would use that any day or at any point. I walk into different places. I have my license now. I'm looking at perimeters and I'm making sure that everything is covered from cameras. I tell some of the guys, I tell some of my clients that I have to think like a criminal to protect them, and it works. When people see me walk in doing a bid on their house they're like, 'Oh my goodness, and he actually knows what he's talking about'" James said.

But his inspiration for true defense comes from a completely different place.

When James was in college at LSU he lost both of his parents within three months of each other.

His dad, also named Bradie, died of kidney disease and his mother, Etta, died from  breast cancer.

As Bradie healed from his tragic losses, he vowed to defend against the cancer that took his mother's life.

"Because of what she went through and me losing her -- has turned into a blessing. I've been able to help so many more women and have her legacy be pushed out. So many people know about her just because of a son's love for his mom," James said.

Since 2007, Bradie's charity, Foundation 56, has served over 4,000 women by helping with treatment care, mammogram testing and emotional support.

And it's here at The Bradie James Breast Cancer Resource Center at Methodist Dallas where women find the strength to fight.

"I do it for the women and their families because I've been in their shoes. I've been a son that doesn't know what's going on with mom and how can I help."

That help extends beyond the hospital. Bradie funds social events for patients, survivors and volunteers. He'll always be known as a pro linebacker, but he's making a bigger impact playing defense against breast cancer.

"Until I'm at zero in my bank account and there's no more money around, we're not even using currency, I will push this and continue to help women as long as I can."

James last played profootball in 2012 for the Houston Texans.

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