Boyd Teen Recognized for Helping Save Coworker's Life

A 17-year-old from Boyd was recognized Friday night after helping save a coworker's life during a vicious attack in Lake Worth.

Colby Williams took the field between the first and second quarter of Boyd High School's home game against Breckenridge flanked by his family, high school principal and the Lake Worth fire chief.

They were there to honor his heroic efforts two weeks after he loaded a coworker into his truck and drove him to the Lake Worth Fire Department after the coworker was stabbed 14 times.

"I don't know how to explain it. It was just my reaction. I knew I had to do something before he ended up passing away. I did my best to keep him alive," Colby Williams said.

With the closest emergency room in nearby Azle, Colby said he somehow knew they wouldn't make it. Instead, he sped to the Lake Worth Fire Department where paramedics could get to work on his coworker, Rick.

"I'm just really glad that God was there and guiding Colby and his next thought, and the lights were green at the right time, and the cars were out of the way at the right time, because there were just so many scenarios that could've happened," said Colby's mom, Randi Lacey.

Two weeks later, Rick is recovering from yet another surgery, and part of Colby's focus is still on him.

"It's pretty cool. It's wild. I've been at the school all day, and people have been talking to me about how does it feel to be a hero, how does it feel to be a hero? I don't really look at myself as a hero. I just did what any other person would do. I think it was the right thing to do," Colby said.

Colby, who will graduate a year early in May, plans to join the U.S. Army and is now considering a career as a medic.

"After this all happened, I just realized how I could handle myself, you know, and keep cool through everything. I feel like that kind of fits me," he said.

Both Rick and another victim from the stabbing, Tony, are recovering and said to be doing well. The person responsible for the attack is facing aggravated assault charges.

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