Boy Saves Sister After She Swallows Battery

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Arlington firefighters and police officers honored a young boy who helped save his sister's life.

First responders stopped by seven-year-old Carter Woodruff's home on Tuesday to recognize his bravery.

He saw his two-year-old sister Harper swallow a small lithium battery.

He immediately told his father, and the toddler was rushed to the emergency room.

"I'm so proud of Carter. He acted fast and he was brave. A lot of kids might have been afraid, but Carter was brave and went and told his dad right away," said Rebecca Woodruff.

As a reward, firefighters gave Carter and his sister helmets, hats and fire department coins. They also got to see inside an Arlington PD SWAT vehicle.

Doctors told the Woodruff's things could have been much worse had Carter not told his parents so quickly what had happened.

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