Boy Saves Ducklings From Concrete Jungle

An 8-year-old Frisco boy is sharing a wild duck tale after saving a family of ducks that lost its way from home.

Jordan Noel and his mother were heading to football practice when they spotted the little ducks at Preston Meadow Drive and McDermott Road.

When they first saw the ducks, Noel's mother went to get her camera. That's when they realized some of the ducklings had fallen into a storm drain. 

Jordan crawled into the drain and plucked each baby duck out, one-by-one, as the mother duck stood close by.  

“We felt so good, because we knew they might’ve died from the rain (that) night," Royleea Love, Jordan’s mother, told

But the adventure continued after they realized the mother duck was leading her babies straight into traffic. Love, Jordan and his older brother halted cars as they escorted the mom and her babies to a pond nearby.  

The two-hour ordeal ended with the family of ducks jumping in the pond together, safe after a wayward voyage into the concrete jungle.

Click here to see all the photos from the adventure.

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