#SomethingGood: Boy, 5, Rallies Community to Restore Baseball Field

Nicholas Duran, 5, loves baseball and has "a heart for the community," says his mom.

Back in the summer, his practice field was at Twain Elementary in Richardson. Shawna Duran says one day he pointed her attention to the holes in the roof of the dugout and the sun beating on players' faces. Nico, his nickname, asked if they could fix it.

Duran writes, "with my enthusiastic attitude I said YES!!!! Not realizing it was going to be a bigger project than I expected. As a single mom, I thought it would be a lot easier than it looked but it wasn’t."

Duran realized restoring the field would cost $5,000, money the single mom did not have.

"Too scared to tell this passionate boy I was over my head, I knew I had to think fast before I crushed his dream, I had to get to started and start working the community to get this project done," she wrote.

Duran says Lowe's came through with the supplies and people.

Community volunteers jumped in to help, too.

And through the months of work, Nico was right in the middle of the action doing what he could make his dream of restoring the field come true.

Nico and his mom now live in Frisco where he continues to play baseball on another team, but what he accomplished on that field Richardson was a home run.

"He’s very unique with a magnetic soul and a huge heart & those dimples. Everyone loves Nico," his mom writes. "He's just that kid who can light up the world. Nothing seems to hold him back."

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