Bianca Castro

Deep in the Heart: Boosting Levels of Oxytocin, the Love Hormone

The secret to love might be found in the science of our bodies.

Hormones affect the way we feel and yoga can raise the level of love hormones in your body.

Sara and Michael Montalvo practice couples yoga on a regular basis, something Michael says he never thought he'd be into.

"My mom even made the comment when we told her we were going. She was like, 'you can't even touch your toes! You can't do anything like that,'" said Michael.

They started couples yoga seven months ago and in each class, practice stretches and mindfulness techniques.

"We take yoga right after work," said Sara. "We get in a nice zen state before we go home and get to hang out and spend the rest of the evening together."

With each stretch, the couple boost their levels of oxytocin, or the love hormone.  

Science shows as oxytocin is released throughout the body, levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, decrease.

David Sunshine, with the Dallas Yoga Center says the when a couple experiences higher levels of oxytocin together, they become more connected and intimate.

"Oxytocin is the hormone we feel when we fall in love. It makes us feel happy. It makes us feel connected. It makes us feel very joyful," Sunshine said. "When we are stressed, we want to shut down. We want to close up and feel less connected."

"When a couple does yoga together, they leave much more intimate, much more open, a much deeper sense of bondedness occurs," he added.

The practice had such an impact on the Sara and Michael, Michael proposed to Sara in the yoga studio.

A connection, made deeper through the power of science and love.

"I definitely think yoga makes our relationship more intimate. It's such a common practice and to do that with a partner, brings so much calm, tranquility and peace," Sara said.

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