Bone – Quality = Top 40 Radio for 93.3 FM

Quality Rock is not wanted in DFW -- 93.3 FM is changing formats again

UPDATE: It's official - 93.3 FM is now KLIF-FM playing "hit music" aka Top 40 music -- directly competing against 106.1 FM KISS. They just played Black Eyed Peas "Good Night" and Miley Cyrus "Party in the U.S.A." back to back. Also, they're promoting 93 hours of commercial-free programming and branding the station "i93."

About five months ago, 93.3 FM transformed from The Bone to Quality Rock, but after a static and ADD filled broadcast day Wednesday and Thursday, the signs are becoming clearer -- Quality is not wanted in DFW.

In it's place on 93.3 FM KDBN might be 93.3 FM KLIF-FM, a return for the call letters that hasn't been around since 1966. Unfair Park's Robert Wilonsky dug up an FCC request to get the call letters back, and has started the speculation ball rolling that 93.3 FM will switch to a Top-40 Adult Contemporary (a.k.a competitor to 106.1 KISS-FM) on Friday at noon.

Others on radio discussion boards, think the signal could be used for anything: Oldies, classic country, Christian rock, or even a smooth jazz station. We think the best idea is to sell it to Disney to put Radio Disney 620 into the FM spectrum as well. DFW needs clear Demi Levato songs, gosh darn it.

But if that doesn't happen (or if Cumulus Media still needs additional ideas for the frequency), here's out 5 best ideas for 93.3.

  1. 24/7 audio of planes landing at DFW airport. We were going to suggest feeding the takeoff sounds, but there may be 7 hours of silence every once in a while.
  2. A radio version of those classic phone lines you can set your watch to, including an audio version of that updates if Abe Vigoda is alive every minute. Here's our sample copy, "At the sound of the tone, the time will be 10:48 a.m. Abe Vigoda is still alive."
  3. Computerized voice reads out Twitter messages for 24 hours a day until people finally stop using Twitter.
  4. All YouTube cover songs, all the time.
  5. Just hire this guy to sing "Amazing Grace" all day.

Have we missed any creative ways to use the new 93.3 FM format?

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