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Boil Water Notice Lifted For Hood County Neighborhoods Impacted by Water Outage

Monarch Utilities, a private water company, issued the notice for the Oak Trail Shores neighborhood and nearby Arrowhead Shores and Lake Granbury Harbor


Officials lifted a boil water notice issued Wednesday for more than 1,500 customers in Hood County due to a water outage.

Monarch Utilities services the Oak Trail Shores neighborhood, as well as nearby Arrowhead Shores and Lake Granbury Harbor.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality required Wednesday's boil water notice "due to a water outage," according to a press release from Monarch.

In 2018, Oak Trail Shores residents said their water service has been unreliable for years after boil water notices were issued for five times in the past year.

At the time, the TCEQ said an investigation was underway into complaints about low water pressure in the neighborhood -- but not water quality.

The Oak Trail Shores neighborhood is in an unincorporated area of Hood County near Granbury.

Monarch Utilities also issued a boil water notice for the neighborhood during power outages in February's winter storms.

In all cases where a boil water notice has been issued, you should boil the water for consumption but also for brushing teeth and washing hands. Children, seniors and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria that could exist in the water.

Water for Drinking or Preparing Food

  • Bring the water to a vigorous, rolling boil for five minutes and then allow it to cool before using. Boil tap water even if it's filtered.
  • You can boil water and then store it in the refrigerator for later use.
  • You can also substitute bottled water if available.
  • Do not use any water from an appliance connected to the water line, such as filtration systems or ice and water from a refrigerator.

Other Uses of Water:

  • During a boil water notice, IT IS safe to shower or bathe as long as you don't ingest the water. (As long as your city has not asked you to conserve for consumption only)
  • Use caution when bathing babies and young children, consider a sponge bath to reduce chances of them swallowing water.
  • Only brush your teeth with boiled or bottled water.
  • If possible use disposable plates, cups and utensils. Dishwashers are safe to use if the final rinse temperature gets to at least 150 degrees or if you have a sanitizing cycle.
  • It is safe to wash laundry as usual.
  • Use bottled or boiled water for cleaning, or water that has been disinfected with bleach.
  • Do not let pets drink tap water, either boil the water or use bottled water.
  • Tap water can be used to water plants.
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