Boil Water Notice for Ferris Residents

The city of Ferris issued a boil water notice to residents Saturday night and schools remained closed Tuesday.

The Ellis County town says a water main break caused the issue and a boil water notice is in effect until Friday.

Monday night, the city told NBC 5 the water towers were filling up and pressure was returning, but water conservation continues and bottled water was being distributed to residents with proof of residency.

Responding to rumors of tampering, the Ferris Police Department took to Facebook posting a $1,000 reward for information on any "malicious activity" around water stations, valves or fire hydrants.

Ferris mayor pro tem Tommy Scott said residents should report if they see something.

"If someone done that, and if they try that again, and they get caught, it's gonna be severe, that's just something you don't tamper with, you're tampering with people's lives, health problems, business problems, economic problems, you almost shut this place down by messing with water like that." said Tommy Scott, Ferris mayor pro tem. "People were angry, people were angry last night at the meeting. But hey, they're human and they have a right to be angry."

All Ferris Independent School District campuses were closed Tuesday as repairs continued. While the schools had bottled water to operate cafeterias and keep students hydrated, without running water toilets would not function to "ensure sanitary services" to 2,700 students and 425 staff members.

The city gave students tickets to the State Fair of Texas.

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