Boil Order Lifted for Water Customers in Benbrook Neighborhood But Distrust Persists

On Thursday, notices flapped in the breeze on mailboxes in Mustang Creek Estates in Benbrook, lifting a nearly six-week long boil order. Some residents still don't trust their water.

"Because as of yesterday, we were still waiting for the result of our water tests," said Robyn Remotigue, who sits on the board of directors of her homeowners' association. "I'm like, how long does it take?"

Remotigue said the problem started at the beginning of June.

"We barely had any water coming out (of the faucet). It was trickling at that point in time. I knew we were doomed," she said.

Remotigue embarked on an email and phone campaign to legislators and regulators to get clean water back to her neighborhood and hold her water utility company, Shelcon Services, accountable.

"When do they determine that enough is enough?" Remotigue asked. "We have people here who deserve quality water. This is ridiculous."

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is investigating Shelcon Services.

Late Thursday night Thomas Taber, who identified himself as a "caretaker" of the utility returned NBC 5's calls for comment.

"I'm just trying to make the people happy," he said. "I understand why they're upset because it did take a while to get it fixed."

Taber said the water passed testing and is OK to drink now.

"We have not been able to brush our teeth, we have not been able to drink it, and we have not been able to cook with it unless it was boiled," said neighbor DeAndrea Dare.

Dare is seven months into a high-risk pregnancy. She said it feels like she's living in a third-world country.

"In our own personal neighborhood, I never would have thought we'd be under a boil notice," Dare said. "That we'd not have reliable access to clean drinking water."

Neighbors said there is a pattern of water service issues at Mustang Creek Estates.

"We would never have moved to this subdivision if we had any idea the water concerns we'd have," said Dare. "They seem like they don't care, which makes us not trust them even more and it just seem unethical. It's just not right."

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