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Boeing Files Lawsuit Against Fort Worth Company in Air Force One Contract

Boeing says Fort Worth company is a year behind schedule and insolvent

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Boeing has filed a lawsuit against a Fort Worth aerospace company for being a year behind in its work helping build two new Air Force One jets to transport the president.

The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in Tarrant County District Court, names GDC Technics, based on Eagle Parkway, and demands the Fort Worth company return certain equipment needed to continue the project.

GDC has missed numerous deadlines and delivery dates, Boeing said, and is roughly one year behind schedule, the lawsuit said.

“GDC’s failures have resulted in millions of dollars in damages to Boeing and threaten to jeopardize work that is of crucial importance to the USAF and the President of the United States,” Boeing said in the lawsuit.

Boeing contracted with the U.S. Air Force in 2018 to build two Boeing 747-8 aircraft to be used to carry the president. The price tag, which former President Trump said he negotiated lower, is expected to be about $5 billion.

Boeing hired GDC as a subcontractor both to perform maintenance upgrades on current Air Force One aircraft and to design and build the interiors of the new planes, the lawsuit said.

GDC’s performance has fallen “far short,” Boeing said in the claim.

The Fort Worth company did not return a phone call and an email seeking comment.

In December, Boeing said GDC acknowledged it was insolvent and Boeing agreed to pay GDC employees and subcontractors on the Air Force One program.

Boeing said it canceled the contract on Wednesday.

“GDC has failed to meet schedule requirements and proved unable to implement planning and a means of measuring progress,” the lawsuit said. “Its work on the aircraft interiors has consistently failed to meet requirements.”

Boeing said it has repeatedly extended financial assistance but “GDC’s precarious condition continues to put Boeing’s commitments to the USAF customer” at risk.

Boeing added GDC remains in possession of “contract-related property” mostly owned by the U.S. government, and the lawsuit asks a judge to order the Fort Worth company to return the property.

Boeing aircraft have transported presidents since Franklin Roosevelt more than 70 years ago.

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