Meredith Yeomans

Body Camera Video Shows Moments After Dak's Dog Attack

Frisco police have released body camera video of the moments after an attack by one of Dak Prescott’s dog that mangled a woman's finger.

With a rifle in hand, the video shows a Frisco officer following the dogs, Icon and Legend.

It was minutes after Icon, an American Staffordshire terrier, reportedly attacked a neighbor.

"They've broken down my fence in my backyard and they bit off my finger,” the neighbor said in a 911 call.

The neighbor said Dak's dogs were fighting with hers through her fence. 

From the back of an ambulance, she told police, "I made the mistake of putting my hand through the fence and that's when I got bit," she said.

A friend staying at Dak's home helps police leash the animals and load them in the back of an animal control truck.

Dak wasn't home at the time of the attack. 

Dak's father, who co-owns the dogs, shows police how they got loose – through a side door he said can blow open in the wind.

Icon is taken to the Collin County Animal Shelter where he was quarantined for 16 days.

He was released under the agreement that Icon can never return to Frisco.

The neighbor who was bitten underwent surgery. She told us by phone on Friday she is still recovering.

No charges against Dak or his father are pending.

Editors Note: Due to the length of the entire video as well as some personal information that is revealed, we have decided to not post the entire clip online.

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