Experts Say Bobcat Sightings on the Rise This Season

Experts in Plano warn that the late spring and early summer seasons are peak times for bobcat sightings.

Plano's Animal Services and Plano-based 911 Wildlife advised that during peak seasons mother bobcats are more often visible to people while on the prowl and hunting for food.

NBC 5 received a variety of bobcat pictures from viewers this week.

One northwest Plano family snapped pictures of a bobcat right against the backdoor of a home, peering through the window.

Residents said they have sightings about once a week in that neighborhood, while viewers in Frisco sent in photos and advised that the bobcat sightings in the Frisco Lakes area have been almost a daily occurrences.

Bonnie Bradshaw with 911 Wildlife said bobcats tend to live where prey, like rats and squirrels, is plentiful.

“They find more food around houses than they do in an undeveloped area,” Bradshaw said.

While sightings are common, Bradshaw said when people stop to take pictures, it’s the wrong thing to do.

Bradshaw said the focus needs to be on scaring the cats off, so they don’t get too comfortable close to humans.

“In an urban area, bobcats have learned that they’re safe to be out chasing squirrels in the middle of the day,” Bradshaw said. “We want to stop that behavior. Yell at them; bang pots and pans, so that bobcat doesn’t feel comfortable in the backyard."

Bobcat attacks on humans are rare, although experts said small pets, specifically those under 10 pounds, can become easy prey.

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