Boating Country Club Brings New Concept to Lewisville Lake

The Nautical Boat Club offers members the boat ownership experience without the cost to maintain the crafts.

Since opening at Little Elm's Cottonwood Creek Marina three weeks ago, the Nautical Boat Club is getting a lot of attention from folks looking to get into boating.

"Came across the country club of boats and I thought this is awesome," says Eric Ransom who traveled from Southlake to become a member, "I can call and reserve a boat anytime I want."

The idea is a new concept to the Dallas Fort Worth area; the boat country club.

Members pay a one-time joiner's fee plus a monthly membership to have open access to the club's eight boats and equipment. Club franchisee Jonathan Hargrove said that ranges from a large party pontoon with a waterslide to smaller wake-boarding boats plus whatever water toys or equipment users will need or request on the lake.

"The boat is all loaded up, gassed up, ready to go," said Hargrove."

The club also provides safety equipment and free instruction from their dock master on how to operate everything, navigate the waters, and even tie a proper knot. Hargrove says the concept has been explored on a smaller scale at some rental companies in the area but Nautical is the first to offer all of the different options included in the price along with brand-new boats that the club replaces every few years.

He said the biggest draw for many members has been the feel of boat ownership without having to actually maintain the boat or deal with storage.
"Get to enjoy the boating, have all the fun, get together with family and friends, but you don't have the hassle; you don't have the expense that you do with owning a boat," said Hargrove.

The Nautical Boat Clubs franchise operates out of Austin and has locations there, Nashville, Tennessee, Columbia, South Carolina, and Prescott, Wisconsin.

Hargrove says the business model isn't one that will hit everyone and if you only take a few trips to the lake each year the cost of a membership probably won't pay off, but he says folks who will use it regularly will find the cost about 1/3 of actually buying a new boat.

The club offers various packages including joint memberships for multiple people to share the cost. The packages start at $195 per month with a $995 joiner's fee.

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