Boat Ramp Closed at Lake Arlington


The severe drought forced the City of Arlington to close the boat ramp at Lake Arlington's Bowman Spring Park.

Video from Chopper 5 (above) showed the lake so low some boats were suspended in their docks above the dry lake bed.

Lake levels had been falling for weeks and with no rain in the forecast the city said the water level will fall below 541 feet, making the lake dangerous.

"When water levels drop this low, tree stumps, road beds, and debris are closer to the surface and pose a greater hazard to boats and recreational watercraft," said lake manager Michael Debrecht.

Lake Arlington officials also anticipate closing the boat ramp at Richard Simpson Park early next week.

The ramps won't reopen until the water level at the lake rises to 542.5 feet.

Lake officials said canoes, kayaks and other watercraft users are urged to use extreme caution on the water.

However, most local lakes are just low by a couple of feet.

Lewisville, Grapevine, Ray Hubbard, Joe Pool and Lake Worth are all between 2 and 3 feet below their normal conservation pool levels.

Lake Arlington is 8 feet below normal, as is Benbrook Lake. Bodies of water to the west and south are worse off; Bridgeport is 10 feet low, and Whitney is 14 feet low.

Lake levels are expected to continue to drop and could become much more serious by the end of the month.

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