Boat Burns on Lake Ray Hubbard With Baby, Children on Board

Intense moments were captured on video over the weekend as a boat caught fire on Lake Ray Hubbard with 10 people, including a 6-week-old baby, on board.

Robyn Brake, who was at the lake with friends Saturday afternoon, said she saw the boat burst into flames and decided to steer her jet ski toward it when she realized there were children on board.

"I felt like if I don't help, no one else is," Brake said. "No one else is going near this boat, everyone is just screaming from the side: 'Jump off, jump off!' No one knew that there was this itty-bitty baby."

Brake said she approached the boat and stood on the seat of the jet ski to pick up the baby and a toddler. She said she placed the toddler, who was in a life vest, on the back and carried them to her friend's boat.

Brake said she went back for the mother and a remaining child. An older child was able to swim away on her own.

"I know that I am risking my life, but I cannot just sit back and watch these kids and mother scream at the top of their lungs," Brake said.

Texas Game Wardens said there were 10 people on board the boat when it caught fire, including four children. The kids were 6 weeks old, 3 years old, 7 years old and 12 years old.

Wardens said the boat operator tried to put out the fire with an on-board fire extinguisher, but it didn't work.

Everyone on board made it to safety. The only injuries reported were scrapes and bruises, according to a spokesperson for Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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