North Texas

Blind and Visually Impaired Athletes Compete in North Texas Tournament

Athletes from across the state are in North Texas this weekend for the 19th Annual Sports Extravaganza. It's an exhibition and tournament for blind and visually impaired athletes. 

Friday night kicked things off with goal ball.

"In this game you're completely blindfolded," explained player Paulina Diaz. "That way, me with some sight, I don't have an advantage over my teammate or my opponent who has no sight."

Goal ball is a little bit like soccer, except athletes get to use their hands. The ball has a bell inside to give players a clue where it's going.

"You just hear this really aggressive, just roar of jingles coming towards you," said Diaz. "It's like seeing without your eyes."

Diaz said she has some sight. She can see motion. Steven Daugherty can see only light and dark.

"It's a different way of seeing, that's all it is," Daugherty said before he made several goals, using his senses of touch and hearing. He hopes the people in the stands see what he feels. "I hope they see determination and dedication," Daugherty said.

The event continues Saturday with "beep baseball" and track and field events.

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