Black Motorist Says in Federal Suit That Richardson Officer Brutalized Him Due to Race

Neco Bonham, 20, says the officer escalated a routine traffic stop even though he was polite and merely wanted to know why he was being ordered out of his truck

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The Dallas Morning News

It seemed like a routine traffic stop, so Neco Bonham asked the officer why he wanted him out of the pickup truck.

Instead of an answer, the 18-year-old received an electric jolt from a Taser, punches to the head and handcuffs during the December 2018 incident, court records show.

It took the Richardson police officer about 15 seconds to escalate the encounter into a violent use of force, said Bonham's lawyer. Officer Parker Winn pulled the Garland teen out of his truck and took him to the ground, where he began punching him in the head, according to police body camera video and court documents. Winn eventually cuffed Bonham, now 20, with help from another officer.

"I was scared. I felt I did everything correct," said Bonham, who works for a solar energy business, in an interview with The Dallas Morning News in December.

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